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About Hair Loss

There are many causes for hair loss. The main causes are:genetic predisposition; problems with the thyroid gland; high level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and/or the special sensitivity of hair follicles to it; side effects of certain medications; stress; burns, trauma.


Whether it’s general thinning or a specific area, more than 60% of all men and 40% of all women will experience a hair loss condition within their lifetime. The results can be quite devastating – especially if you feel there’s no hope.



Diffused hair loss across the scalp. Common causes include childbirth, chemotherapy, major surgery, severe illness and psychological stress.



Small areas of complete hair loss in circular areas. The cause is believed to be the auto immune system attacking the cells that build keratin to form the hair strand. You can have a genetic disposition to this condition, or it can be caused by lifestyle conditions such as stress.



Same as Alopecia Areata except Totalis effects the whole head and Universalis effects all hair on the body.



Caused by excessive pulling of hairs by ponytails, turbans etc. In most cases hair will grow back by itself. In extreme cases the hair follicle is destroyed



Hair loss where the scalp is scarred. Caused through either fungal disorders, radiotherapy for tumours, burns etc.